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Celebrating The September Birthstone: The Timeless Beauty of Sapphires

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

As September rolls around, Sapphires becomes the talk of the jewellery world. Sapphires have a timeless appeal and are particularly meaningful for those born this month.

From their historical significance to their symbolism, sapphires are more than just September birthstones; they are a luxurious statement.

In this article, we'll delve deep into the beauty of sapphires and present you with UK silver jewellery choices that are as unique as they are captivating.

September Birthstone

Sapphires are a type of gemstone that is prized for its deep blue color. They are the birthstone for September and are often associated with royalty and luxury.

What is a Sapphire? Understanding the September Gemstone

Sapphires are a type of gemstone that belong to the mineral corundum family. Just like rubies and other coloured corundum varieties, the sapphire is prized for it's durability and vivid colours.

The most beloved among them are the cornflower blue sapphires, enriched by the presence of titanium. When you think about Cornish jewellery embedded with a September gemstone, sapphires are often the first that come to mind.

Royalty and the Rich History of Blue Sapphires

September Birthstone

Sapphires have been coveted throughout history, showing up in ancient texts such as the Bible and historical records from Egypt and India.

Their association with royalty is unmissable; perhaps the most iconic piece being the Sapphire engagement ring given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

September Birthstone
Replica of the Royal Engagement Ring

This stunning Sapphire ring is arguably the most well-known sapphire jewellery in existence today. This ring had 14 diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon Sapphire set in 18 Carat white gold.

It was created by then-crown jeweller Garrard, and inherited by Prince Harry, who gave it to Prince William so that he could propose to the then Kate Middleton.

The Symbolism of Sapphire Colours

Sapphires aren't just about the classic blue. They shine in a spectrum of colours, each with its unique charm and symbolism, making them a popular choice for UK silver jewellery enthusiasts.

  • Blue Sapphires: The epitome of sapphire jewellery, they reflect feelings of royalty and Cornish seas. Historically cherished, they've become symbols of loyalty and steadfastness.

  • Pink Sapphires: Exuding the warmth of a Cornish sunrise, pink sapphires are all about femininity, compassion, and romance.

  • Green Sapphires: Mirroring the verdant beauty of the Cornish landscape, they're symbols of growth, renewal, and balance.

  • Yellow Sapphires: Evoking the brilliance of Cornish sunshine, they stand for optimism and joy.

  • Purple Sapphires: Resembling a Cornish twilight, they speak of intuition, spiritual insight, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

  • Orange Sapphires: Radiating the vibrancy of Cornish sunsets, these gems embody enthusiasm, creativity, and vivacity.

  • Teal Sapphires: Evocative of the Cornish ocean's hues, the teal sapphire balances charm, healing, and coastal elegance.

For those inspired by the beauty of Cornwall and seeking a blend of aesthetic and symbolic resonance, sapphires in their myriad shades offer an unmatched allure.

What are the Properties of Sapphires?

When it comes to durability, sapphires rank impressively high, scoring a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes them suitable for everyday wear, from elegant blue sapphire necklaces to intricate sapphire rings set with diamond, and an ideal choice for those looking for sapphire jewellery in the UK.

Created Sapphires

Created sapphires are gems that offer an affordable, environmentally responsible alternative to naturally occurring ones.

These lab-made gems maintain the same optical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts, providing a guilt-free option for those interested in sustainable UK silver jewellery.

Our Top Picks of Sapphire and Created Sapphire Jewellery

Whether you're looking for a stunning blue sapphire pendant or a unique pink sapphire ring, we have curated a selection of Cornish jewellery that captures the essence of this September birthstone.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Unique and Symbolic Choice

When it comes to engagement rings, the diamond often steals the spotlight. However, sapphires offer a unique and symbolically rich alternative that's worth considering.

Their durable properties, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale, makes them perfect for everyday wear, standing the test of time just like your love.

The rich colours of sapphires—be it the iconic blue, sea green or the captivating pink—offer a chance to express individuality and sentiment in a deeper way. And if you're seeking an authentic touch, why not consider a Cornish jewellery twist?

We offer the opportunity to craft a custom sapphire ring made in Cornwall, incorporating colours that reflect the natural beauty of the Cornish landscape. We can also incorpoare other stones including diamond.

Choosing a sapphire engagement ring not only sets your love story apart but also gives a nod to time-honoured traditions, qualities of wisdom, and tranquility, making your engagement truly special.

Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphires are more than just the birthstone for September; they are a testament to luxury, durability, and symbolic depth. Whether you opt for a natural or created sapphire, these gemstones add a touch of timeless beauty to any UK silver jewellery collection.

Sapphire FAQs:

Are there any Alternative September Birthstones to a Sapphire?

Yes, lapis lazuli and agate are considered alternative birthstones for September, although sapphire is the most traditional and well-known.

Is Sapphire the Most Valuable Blue Stone?

While sapphires are highly valued, they are not the most valuable blue stones. The Blue diamond holds that distinction, being rarer and more expensive than sapphires.

Who Owns Princess Diana's Jewellery Now?

Jewellery belonging to the late Princess Diana is currently split between her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Some pieces have been inherited by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who is married to Prince William. Other pieces have been sold at auction, with proceeds going to charity.

Is a Sapphire, the September Birthstone, Suitable for a Virgo or Libra?

Yes, a Sapphire is a suitable choice for both Virgo and Libra individuals. Virgos have birthdays falling between August 23 and September 22, while Libras celebrate their birthdays between September 23 and October 22. Since Sapphire is the birthstone for September, it is a fitting choice for Virgos born in September as well as Libras. Both star signs can appreciate the wisdom, peace, and tranquility symbolized by this precious gemstone.

Sapphire Colour Comparison Table

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