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Choosing the Perfect Piece of Cornish Jewellery

Selecting a piece of jewellery is much like choosing a work of art. It’s a deeply personal decision that should reflect your style, elevate your sense of self, and bring you immeasurable joy. Sennen jewellery offers all this and more.

You’re not merely picking out an accessory; you’re investing in heritage, craftsmanship, and the essence of Cornwall itself.

Whether it's handmade Cornish jewellery or a Sterling silver piece inspired by the Cornish coast and the Cornish landscape, this guide aims to help you select the perfect piece for any occasion.

Cornish Jewellery

Cornish Jewellery

Cornish jewellery encapsulates both a rich tradition and a legacy of artisanal craftsmanship. These pieces often blend timeless elegance with contemporary design, making them much more than a simple fashion statement.

Cornish jewellery
Glas Mor Penberth earrings

Sterling Silver Jewellery in Cornwall

While Cornwall is no longer a hub for silver mining, it remains a hotbed of creativity.

Our silver jewellery is primarily designed by local artisans, who draw inspiration from the Cornwall coastline's unique forms and the region's Celtic past.

Whether you opt for a modern design or something with historical significance, Cornish silver jewellery collection offers unique designs suitable for any occasion.

The Timeless Elegance of Celtic Silver Jewellery

Celtic influences are deeply embedded in Cornish history and culture, and this heritage shines through in our range of Celtic silver jewellery.

Featuring handmade, unique designs and intricate patterns like the Celtic knot, these pieces are much more than accessories—they are links to a rich, storied past.

Discovering the Charm of Handmade Cornish Jewellery

There’s something inherently special about wearing a piece that was created by hand by Cornish jewellers.

When it comes to handmade Cornish jewellery, each piece is a labor of love, crafted by skilled artisans who pour their soul into every detail.

Handmade pieces often incorporate traditional Cornish symbols and wildlife, like the Cornish chough or the Celtic knot, marrying culture with craftsmanship. Because these pieces are made by hand, they can be customized to fit personal tastes, making them ideal gifts for special occasions.

Cornish gold jewellery

The Classic Allure of Gold Jewellery

While silver may be more prominent in Cornish designs, Sennen Jewellery also offers a stunning range of 9ct gold jewellery.

Carefully selected from top UK designers, these pieces either follow a coastal theme or offer timeless elegance. Opting for gold adds a luxurious touch to any ensemble and speaks to the quality of your taste.

The Unique Character of Cornish Tin Jewellery

Amethyst Teardrop Pendant, Cornish Tin

Cornish tin jewellery offers a unique blend of history and beauty. Our St Justin collection features recycled materials such as shipwreck tin, making truly unique pieces of tin jewellery.

The Beauty of Cornish Bronze Jewellery

Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, carries its own rustic elegance. Our range of bronze jewellery offers an alternative to Gold jewellery without compromising on design or craftsmanship.

The Versatility of Pewter Jewellery

Pewter is known for its bright and silvery appearance, lending itself well to both classic and contemporary designs. Its malleability allows for intricate detailing, making it a popular choice for those looking for detailed handcrafted jewellery at an accessible price point.

Semi Precious Gemstones: A Palette Inspired by the Sea

Cornwall itself may not be a major source of gemstones, but our beautiful jewellery often features stones reminiscent of the colours of sea glass and the sea's hues; colours that mirror the beach, ocean, and coast.

While some local gems like amethyst and quartz can be commissioned, most pieces feature gemstones that reflect Cornwall’s captivating landscape.

Each stone—whether it’s an azure blue topaz or a sea-green amethyst—adds character, beauty, and a sense of individuality to your chosen piece.

Types of Jewellery for Various Occasions

  • Earrings - Whether it’s a simple stud or an elaborate chandelier design, earrings have the power to frame your face and complete your look.

  • Necklaces - A necklace or pendant can serve as the focal point of your ensemble. Choose from a variety of themes, metals, and stones to find the one that speaks to you.

  • Bangles and Bracelets - Arm jewellery can range from understated to eye-catching. Bangles and bracelets offer another layer of self-expression and can be mixed and matched to suit your style.

  • Rings - Rings can be both statement pieces and subtle expressions of taste. For those looking to commemorate special milestones like engagements or weddings, our Free Cornish Jewellery Design service offers bespoke ring designs in Sterling Silver or Gold, allowing for a truly unique, made-in-Cornwall piece that marks your special day.

Cornwall jewellery design

Choosing Cornish jewellery is not just about appearance; it’s about aligning with tradition, culture, and a specific way of life in Cornwall. Whether it's sterling silver, 9ct gold, or handmade Cornish pieces, each piece you choose comes laden with a story, history, and a bit of the Cornish soul. At Sennen Jewellery, we offer not just accessories but pieces of art deeply rooted in Cornwall’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

Feel free to reach out to us for our Free Cornish Jewellery Design service if you’re looking for something uniquely yours. Happy shopping!

FAQs: Cornish Jewellery

What role does the Cornish landscape play in Sennen Jewellery designs?

The Cornish landscape offers a rich tapestry of inspiration for our designers. From the hues of the ocean to the shapes of our coastal landmarks, the local scenery is a vital part of the creative process.

Can I get a piece of jewellery made with sea glass?

Yes, it is possible incorporate sea glass into custom, handmade pieces through our Free Cornish Jewellery Design service, capturing the essence of Cornwall’s beaches and ocean in your unique design.

What types of necklaces does Sennen Jewellery offer?

We offer a wide range of necklaces, from pendants that showcase the colours of Cornish gemstones to statement pieces inspired by Cornwall’s rich history and landscape.

Is it possible to customize the colour of a gemstone in a ring?

We can help you select a ring with a gemstone whose colour reflects your personal style, or even source Cornish gemstones for custom commissions.

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